Engineering at it roots, is a “Process”. The process always begins with a specific goal and the key to reaching that goal is staying focused on the true needs of the customer.  How do we do this?  By working closely with you to define the problem, identify the solution and applying our 40+ years of experience to execute the project so it meets or exceeds expectations.

If you have a broken part or want a duplicate machine built, TSI can Reverse Engineer to the exact specifications required.  If you need to improve the current operations of a machine or want a completely new automated system designed to increase your productivity, our engineers have the resources, experience and drive to give you the best in automated engineering.

We work closely with you to help solve the simple and the complex challenges in today’s very competitive manufacturing environment.

SolidWorks & 3D Modeling

Reliable & Robust Designs

Cutting Edge Automation Technology

Electrical Power and Control Design

UL 508A listed Control Panels

In house engineering & design services, CAD design